My Bend and Snap Cocktail

Can you have your bartender (summer 2021 I was the only bartender) create a drink for the 20th anniversary of Legally Blonde movie they asked. The cocktail named after the famous scene. A series of movements that gets a gal (or gent) noticed and perhaps a date. Effectiveness contingent on a few things. No spoiler alert here. You must watch (or rewatch) the movie. Anyway, Of course I would created a cocktail for the 20th Anniversary. I mean, hello. Beyond thrilled. Huge fan. So without further ado, The « Bend and Snap » cocktail. While I can’t guarantee consumption will secure you a date, it’s a fun way to try. She sure is pretty no matter the light. That, I guarantee.

Sunday at the end of June, I started. Three test drinks later, I decided to walk all over the hotel asking for a straw taste of the cocktail. Chefs, front office, waiters, managers. Anyone.

What didn’t make the cut? Raspberries, honey, reposado tequila. The reposado tequila a bit over powering. And blanco, still not a favorite. Both well liked. Once vodka the spirit of choice, I started experimenting with sweetness. First with honey and then tried simple syrup. In the end the mouthfeels and flavor of the agave won. Watermelon, my first choice. With complete confidence and conviction. While I love a sweet tart raspberry libation, I went with my intuition. Again, watermelon. The Southern Bell in me wouldn’t concede no matter if the watermelon wasn’t always as pink as I thought it should be once muddled. I knew spice would be the snap. The question, what spice. The cocktail was only supposed to be featured for a week. I love a jalapeño. Jalapeño bitters or the actual jalapeño the final? The fresh jalapeño pepper won. And mint added another certain something. Freshness. Layer. In French they say je ne sais quoi. While all the ingredients wedded together create a something special really.

This one goes down a little too easy. By that I mean you forget there is any alcohol in the pretty pink liquid at all. I hope you enjoy and pretty phulease, drink responsibly.

Bend and Snap

Several watermelon slices (4-5) for the muddle. Muddling pulp creates pink dimensions of color and adds more flavor. See photos for size of melon.
1 slice of jalapeño
6-8 mint leaves
3/4 oz agave (you could also use honey syrup agave works best) and for less sweet 1/2 ounce works
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
2 oz Kettle One vodka

Oh and don’t forget the edible viola flowers. Purple. Beautiful contrast with the pink. The large ice cube certainly necessary.

In a mixing tin, muddle watermelon to make a juice. Add one slice of jalapeño to watermelon mixture. Muddle until well combined. Then add mint for final muddle of all produce ingredients. Add agave, lime juice and vodka. Fill mixing tin with kold draft ice cubes. Shake and fine strain through a mesh strainer and pour into etched crystal rocks glass (in my case) with one large ice cube. Garnish with a single viola edible flower. Purple is best.

Slices of watermelon for the muddling.

Until Next Time…