Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Farmers Market “Bag”

This is no Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang or Food52 find. It’s different. This one is for the planet (Earth). Makes me feel better about plastic. I still purchase plastic gallon water bottles. I don’t drink tap water. Several months ago on the running path I used to frequent I saw this and thought uhm, brilliant. I don’t run there anymore. The path is one around a golf course. I missed running around the reservoir in NYC so I go there to think. Mostly to exercise. Easy to track miles and what can I say I like to run in circles? Sometimes, a billion little ideas come to me this way. The (plastic) farmers market “bag”.

Cut the top off your gallon water bottle. I use Crystal Geyser. Refasten the strap. Many gallon water bottles have carrier straps. If the strap isn’t as secure as you think it should be, use duct tape to assist for extra security. I have consider using ribbons as I have so many left over that I couldn’t throw out. They sparked joy? That prop styling job was long time ago. Good ribbons are good ribbons. Bottom line, we don’t want beautiful apples rolling down the street. And of course if you don’t need to use your farmers market “bag” right away you can paint it too. A bright colored paint (and duct tape) make a more personalized “bag” fashion statement. Anyway. There you have it. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips for this week. Recycled farmers market “bag” made from your gallon plastic water bottle.

Remove strap by peeling back adhesive and cut desired height
Strap on
Fill with apples
Test out at home
Add a banana

Until Next Time…


Reduce. Reuse.