Hot Water

Twist top stuck? Sure you could reach for a pair of scissors or a knife for the tap the jar lid with the handle side trick. You could request and enlist help of the nearest person to you with the most strength. While those may be great ideas, and often work, no need. Hot water, boiling hot water to be exact, to your rescue.

I learned this trick trying to open a nail polish twist top. I have tested this hot water tip on a gallon jar of Spanish Queen olives too. And now, gin bottles. Works like a charm.

This Distillery 209 Gin did not want to open. I passed the bottle around. Each person tried their own way. I didn’t have much time as someone wanted a drink. After the fourth pair of hands, I finally took the bottle to the pour over hot water machine. I pulled the lever down. Hot water cascaded over the lid. I let it cool and a few moments later twisted the top right off. There you have it. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips for the week? The next time your twist tip isn’t budging, hot water to your rescue.

Some show and tell photos below. Snapped with my iPhone.