Tatum’s Tuesday Tips : Ice Bath and Decorating with Chocolate

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips for the week? Make next level chocolate decorations using an ice bath. It is easy, inexpensive and fun. I made grapevines for my cake. The possibilities of shapes, endless.

What will you need? A bowl, ice, water, melted chocolate (I use chocolate bars for the melting), butter knife, ziplock bag, scissors and a couple of plates. Cake, cupcakes or something to decorate. Plates, ziplock bag, scissors, chocolate and white pearl sprinkles I purchased at the 99 Cents store. Each for one US dollar. Pretty great.

The how to? Melt your chocolate. Microwave or Bain Marie works best. Pour slightly cooled chocolate into a ziplock plastic bag. See photos below. I don’t know about you but I like visuals. It’s helps to line a cup or a measuring cup to secure your ziplock soon to be pastry bag. Less messy than holding and pouring. Once desired amount of chocolate mixture is poured into your bag (you may want to save some for ganache) twist the top while pushing chocolate down to the bottom point. This helps removing air bubbles and makes piping easier. Cut the tip off the bag. Easy instant pipping bag. Then, add ice and water to a bowl. Pipe in chocolate. Yes, pipe chocolate into the ice bath. Melted chocolate seizes hardening quickly. Let the chocolate harden completely before removing from the bowl. Place your beautiful chocolate shapes on the plate you have set aside. That’s it.

At first I was going to decorate for Halloween and then I thought, grapevines and white pearl sprinkles. The more involved I became the more my ideas changed. Partly as a result of the fluidity of my chocolate. Use the decorations however you choose. And have fun. This day the chocolate beauties don cake for me. My half birthday is coming up soon.

Until Next Time…