Kitchen to Cosmetics: Butter

A Tatum’s Tuesday Tips worth posting..
Over processed (I am looking in the mirror at my I almost went to far hair) or curly hairs this one is for you. Salt changes things a bit so if you aren’t me use unsalted butter, if you can..
Butter adds shine and moisturizes to the dullest of the dullest and offers a second chance to the almost broken with one more blowdry left if lucky hairs.. let’s put it this way, butter is a miracle worker.
Curly hair doesn’t hold moisture as well as straight hair because of its structure and over processed is well, over processed. Surprisingly (or not) butter (and Olaplex) help tremendously. Butter is easier for most to get tho.. (thanks Amazon) I recommend @vitalfarms 🖤
Apply butter to dry hair (not wet) and sleep with in hair, if you can. My bamboo and silk bedding aren’t so thrilled about this but that remedy is for another Tuesday.. keep this in mind for yourselves too.. here’s to healthy shiny hair..

Until Next Time…