Salt to Taste

Obviously we want our pasta, the noodles and shapes themselves, to have flavor before our preferred sauces oils veggies meats and cheeses are added. Rule of thumb? The water for boiling your pasta should taste as salty as the sea. Have you ever tasted the water to confirm that it is in fact as salty as the sea? And what kind of salt are you using to salt this water? As it turns out, not all salts are created equal. One brand’s tablespoon may be another brand’s two tablespoons. If you haven’t tasted your water (seems like common sense) or thought through the quantity of a particular salt, you are not alone. I eyeball the quantity of salt that goes into my water. Usually. After watching SALT FAT ACID HEAT on Netflix, no more.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips this week? Know your salt and taste your salt water as many times as needed until you taste the sea before boiling your water for that pasta dinner night. Like they say, people always remember the food. And, watch SALT ACID FAT HEAT on Netflix.
Happy eating!

taste as many times as needed

Until Next Time…