Chocolate Balloon

Wanna have fun in your kitchen and make something cool? If you so, this is it. All that is needed is chocolate, unrefined coconut oil, a balloon pump or a way to blow up a balloon(s). Biodegradable balloons the ideal. I blew up my first set of balloons the old fashioned way. While I am happy to exercise my lungs, the tastes of the balloon not my favorite. I recommend a pump of some sort. Oh and straight pins or knife or something similar to pop the balloons once the chocolate has set. All these components creates adorable and perhaps abstract edible chocolate bowls. Add ice cream, fruit, cake, yogurts, honey and sauces to each bowl to create beautiful impressive dessert bowls.
Believe me when I tell you, it’s fun. While mine are setting up, there is a recipe below. A couple of what not to dos and mistake videos and a before and after coming soon..

Note: I tried mixing various chips with chocolate and I found only chocolate and a tablespoon or so of oil works best. Also please make sure the chocolate has cooled enough before dipping your balloons. One popped. It was funny but messy. Safety glasses are recommended, if you have.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips this week? Use balloons and chocolate to elevate your dessert presentations and have fun in the kitchen.


Chocolate Balloon Bowls with Food Network