Hosiery and Onions

We’ve come a long way in terms of food preservation. As it turns out though, if you need to extend the shelf life of your onions (apparently potatoes too) and don’t have a mesh bag, pantyhose will do. Yes, that’s right. Scrolling social over the weekend I saw a “did you know?” featuring this. As a matter of fact I didn’t know. Did you? Onions in panty hose for preservation is in fact a thing. After a internet search, I decide to have a little fun with it. I pull all, ok maybe not all, but most of my hosiery and necessary accessories out for a photo or several. I also called the farm listed on the sticker that came with my onion. While they don’t store their onions in pantry hose, they do use mesh bags and store in a temperature controlled warehouse in Nevada. Pantyhose work the same way the mesh bags do allowing breathing, separation, and easy access. Slide one onion to the toe of the pantyhose tie off and repeat. As you need the onions simply cut the onion loose starting from the bottom.

Ideal recommended temperature for my onion is 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit according to the Peri & Sons representative. This 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit helps stretch the onions’ life to about five month shelf life. So, separate your onions and store in pantyhose if you don’t have mesh bags and store according to your onion’s or onions’ best temperature. I can’t speak to the other varieties officially but I imagine they are around the same. If you have a refrigerator, that is just fine. Think produce drawer instead of shelf. Tying the onions separate prevents bruising and mold along with a take what and as you need easily. Storing clumped onions isn’t ideal. If you have one onions, a sticking will work. Maybe even a pedi sock. I am using a stocking as I only have one onion and no pedi sock. I worked as wardrobe person on lingeries commercial and catalog shoots years ago and was gifted many stockings and still have some of those in my collection. The red one is from those days. They made the cut in my Marie Kondo decluttering. A good stocking garter belt is still in style as underpinnings in my book.

Welp, that is Tatum’s Tuesday Tips for the week. Store your onions in pantyhose for an extended shelf life.

My onion’s farm
handle with care perhaps makes caramelizing better
finding the perfect hosiery .. working with what I have..
making hanging onions a bit more interesting and resting the garter belts…

Until Next Time…