Caramel Can

I forgot it was Tuesday. Then I remembered and then I forgot again? It’s been an interesting day. I had something great to share but then I came across this tip on Instagram and since I am guessing we are not following the same accounts, I thought this to good not to share. Maybe we are following the same accounts but just in case.

Condensed milk becomes caramel gooey goodness with the help of boiling water while still in the sealed can? Uhm, yes, please and thank you. No fuss. Straight up easy. You need a pot, water, a heat source for said pot, a can of condensed milk, and a timer of some sort. Most of us have iPhones, right?

This lady is genius. Check out the link from the DiningwithSkylar Instagram account. Oh my gawd. Ah-may-zing.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Watch the link and thank diningwithskykar for posting this genius tip so I could repost her link so we could watch and learn. Not to mention making our time spent in the kitchen a little bit easier.

That’s it. Until Next time..