Slippery Floor? Quick Slip Fix: Hairspray

Hairspray holds hair in place, yes? Yes. It removes hair colors from many garments? Yes. But what else is it good for? Temporary remedy for that slippery floor of yours (and mine), bien sûr.

Whether it be a residual furniture spray, oil based hair products or the like, this is your (again, read aloud) temporary and quick fix. Spray hairspray on the slick floor area so not to slip. I urge you still be careful and reapply often until the soap and water scrub/cleaning agent can be used. I worked in hair salons once upon a time. I credit this tip mostly from that experience. Last night I remembered this little tip after I slipped on my wood floor. More floor polish seemed to land on the wood floor than of my wooden shelves. I made a video. I decided to post stills. Happy Tuesday!