Flatware, Silverware, Cutlery Polish Magic

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips : polish your flatware/silverware (cutlery as I often times call it) with a white vinegar water mixture. Yes, that right. Even the most stubborn metals of them all (rose gold looking at you) is no match for the this vinegar magic. That’s the rub. We can’t use our vodka to polish everything now can we. Oh and don’t worry about the vinegar smell. It fades and won’t affect the taste of the food. Happy Tuesday.

Things you need:

Spray bottle


White vinegar 

Slightly damp cloth 

Spotted cutlery 


one part vinegar to two parts water the diluted version

straight up vinegar with a damp soft cotton cloth will work magically too.. got a bit more gusto

..the left handed setting.. spots look not good and the spitting to shine method a no beuno..