Self-Care Sunday on Tuesday

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips : soak your feet in warm water with lemon and baking soda. The acid in the lemons exfoliâtes and the baking soda softens. Simple, easy. Can be relaxing. Wine and book perhaps? Or scroll scroll. Sitting for the time could prove to be challenge. I don’t know how I sit still twice a day to mediate. Throw in an extra thirty. Five cups of warm water is a good start. Squeeze one lemon into water. Add slices of three more lemons for the soaking. Plus the lemons look super pretty. Feels more spa like. Add a cup of baking soda to that five cups of water. Use an old pot, bucket or a foot tub. Twelve quart containers work too. Earlier this year, that my favorite container of choice. That’s another story. Don’t forget to line the container with a small to medium garbage liner before adding water. Warm water is best. Peel before you start though. Then, get comfy. Again, best to be here soaking those a tootsies for about half an hour. Rinse feet after and feel the difference. See, lemons are good for something other than cleaning the counter and detoxing your system and making limoncello. And baking soda is good for something other than polishing your teeth or puffing cookies.