Christmas Cranberries

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips : Elevate your cocktails with sugar coated, Christmas cranberries. That’s what I call them. Whether you are solo, coupledom or gathering (with people from only in your household I hope), Christmas cranberries certainly make the holidays more festive.
How to? In a bowl mix white granulated sugar (Beet sugar or coconut sugar work great) and spices of your choice. Set aside. Next, mix equal parts sugar to water in a sauce pan. One cup to one cup is a good start. Ratio is 1:1. Bring to a boil to dissolve then turn off heat and add fresh cranberries. Coat evenly. Extract cranberries from the liquid sugar mixture with a slotted spoon. Roll coated cranberries in plain, spiced or sweet and sour sugar mixtures. The flavor of the sugar depends the cocktail. This is up to you. Position several or three on a skewer for cocktails. Certainly a cheese board addition too if you happen to not be drinking or something.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

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