´tis the season to season (your pans)

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Season and re-season your frying pans. Oh and don’t forget to clean the funky gunky build-up. Burn baby burn.

Blue steel frying pan pictured here. These pans transfer heat faster and get hot faster as a result. They are best for searing anything. A well seasoned pan can be a nonstick pan too. Buh-bye Teflon? These pans come in a range of sizes and are available at most restaurant supply stores.

How to clean the gunk and stuffs:

You are going to burn this baby. That’s right. Only on gas stove or gas grill. Keep in mind proper ventilation is needed. Your pan(s) need to be face down. The interior side kissing the flame. Don’t add oil yet. Wait. Burn for at least 20 minutes. Careful, handle is hot. Use an oven mitt or kitchen towel. Once burning is complete. Turn pans over, asses and use coarse kosher seas salt to remove any heated residual gunk. Oil heat treated pan(s) with flaxseed oil, grape seed oil or canola oil after. Wipe with a clean paper towel to absorb excess oil. Store on a cool dry place. Shiny seasoned pans at your service. Bonus—Not only does this procedure increase the life of your pan, this process makes your food tastes better while offering that non-stick pan we love in super power form. Who knew burning and seasoning your pan prevents rusting as well. Best to clean one pan at a time.

season pans at your service.

Other importants and recap. Let’s start with the oil. What kind of oil? A high temperature oil is needed. Grape seed, flaxseed, canola oil are great examples.

Wash with a mild dish soap and warm water. Keep in mind, every time you wash a seasoning will have to happen again.

Burn to clean the funky gunk and stuffs. Use salt if needed for additional scrubbing.

Season the same way as the cast  iron pan..they are very similar.

Keep them dry meaning not leaving water and water spots.

Burning the buildup and prevents rusting…

Only gas flame only 

Burn as long as it takes to get the crap out of it it could take twenty minutes 

High temp oil grape seeds canola flaxseed oil.

Pour all over the interior and sides. Let it sit. Wipe with a cloth. And clean seasoned pan at your service.