EdX Education

This isn’t a « tip » per se. More of a recommendation. We will file it under the Tatum’s Tuesday Tips for now. Right Along with that Toggl post.

I didn’t know about it until the start of quarantine. For me, that was March 2020. I was scrambling for something to keep me occupied and then in my Instagram DM an EdX course was recommended to me. Thank you Universe. I completed my first Harvard class. I always wanted to be smart enough to go to Harvard. Did I do as good as I could have done? No. Anything labeled graded or test gives me anxiety. Terrible test anxiety. Did I learn much more than I thought possible? You betcha. My mind blown. I will never see food or drinks the same way again. Thinking about food in a quantitative way and why a recipe is the way it is. I learned how to calibrate my oven using sugar, weighing flour could be the definition of insanity, how many molecules are ingredients, ph of lemonade. I met Avogadro and Dalton. I did experiments in my kitchen. I made molten chocolate cake and a version of Coca-Cola. I watched a process called Spherification. The course? Science & Cooking From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (Chemistry) on this EdX platform. EdX has hundreds of courses from many universities that many of us wouldn’t necessarily have access to and as a result not be able to take classes. Extraordinary. It has never been more possible to get a great education.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips : Take advantage of EdX education. Learn something new everyday. Study courses from Harvard and MIT for example. Many of the course are self paced . Opportunities to focus on learning while continuing to maintain a lifestyle. Learn at your own pace. Bonus if you suffer from a test anxiety.

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