Boil to Clean: The Stickiest of the Stickiest

I am working on a project for a class. After passing the candy making stage intended, I feel defeated. Instead of moving on to the next phase, I have to start again.

My pot is heavy which may have contributed to the over cooking (partly) because I couldn’t lift it in a coordinated way and the caramel may have continued to cook as a result. It isn’t easy to maneuver a hot pot of this size full of soon to be caramel. For me me anyway. Next time I will use my smaller pot. My picture taking of course plays a major part in the delay and timing too… so, there’s that. I love this pot. It is sunshine yellow and I almost always want to reach for it no matter the cooking task. It’s weight seemed appropriate for caramel making. A heavy bottom pot is best.

Anyway, at this stage, after the boiling and now cooling, my pot is almost completely coated with sticky and hardened beautiful and tasty blood orange 248 degrees Fahrenheit candy caramel. My thermometers doesn’t look much better than the pot either. I used two. Funny, I didn’t bother to take a picture of that. My goodness. I hope it doesn’t mess doesn’t happen to you but if it does, what to do? Throw away the pot? I thought about it. Nope. Not a chance. Should a give up and start a new project be the answer? No, again. I didn’t come this far to come this far, as they say. Neither did you. For the record, I made this dry caramel several times for this project. It’s almost inevitable some of the contents will harden and not be easy to remove immediately by the way. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips has the the answer. I would say this tip common knowledge but seems not. I read on another blog that someone threw away her pot because of the very problem. Oh Lord. Please don’t throw away your pots unless you don’t like them.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Finally. Here it is. Ok. So, remove as much of the wanted contents as possible. Then, simply, fill your pot with soapy water. Add your tools also coated in caramel (or other sugary or sticky hardened ingredients) and place on the stove and set to boil. Yes, boil the soapy water as you would boil salted pasta water. The hot water will warm the caramel or sticky ingredients and you will be able to clean your pot and tools without a problem and be ready to start your next cooking project in time.

hard blood orange caramel candies
Ready to start again..

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