No Buildup

A perfectly pressed garment, bedding sheets or tablecloth really makes an impression. This means using a well-maintained iron, good water for the steam and properly set temperature. Like that perfect slice of pizza, « it’s in the water «, the same is true from the iron.

That’s right. It’s in the water. But how does one avoid the limestone minerals buildup on the classic hand held iron with water? Tatum’s Tuesday Tips is here to save the day and your iron’s life. Use distilled water. That’s right and as simple as that. Use distilled water in your iron. Not only use it but make sure after each use, empty the remaining (if any) water from your iron. Then dry it using a non-abrasive cloth, wrap cord nearly and store until the next use. Longevity in bag.

This one has buildup.. not good. White flakes will be visible I the garments..