Ice Cold Water

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I could go on a tangent about ice, water, and ice water. For example, using ice water as a method to test if sugar is ready for a particular dessert or the necessity of cold water in blanching vegetables. Not as in depth as Mr. Harold Mcgree would by any means mind you but I could offer some pertinent information. Nothing of which I have invented but I thought I didn’t know so maybe you would like to know. You know, in case you didn’t know. So, what is this Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? A is a gentle reminder, perhaps and recommendation to help your time time in the kitchen become more enjoyable.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Use that ice cold water to assist in the separation of the cooked eggshell from your perfectly 70 degrees Celsius hard boiled egg. Perfectly smooth, no dimples. Simply, place your hot hard boiled eggs in ice cold water bath until they are cold. Peel with ease (under running water after the bath helps remove extra small bits of shell) and enjoy how you please.

Additional and FYI and Thank you Sandy for YouTubing this video and the great Jacques Pepin.

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Gratin of Eggs with, ham, mushrooms and cream. Hold the ham is you are vegetarian.

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iPhone photo one morning of someone’s breakfast..