Champagne & Sprite. Sugar Water.

these look cool but..

This one may earn me a few eye rolls or one why on earth would you? The champagne part anyway. I like to give options.

Today’s subject—flowers. More specifically, increasing the longevity of our stem cut beauties.

Let’s face it, these days I don’t know about you, but I don’t always feel like walking to get my weekly flowers or the flower budget becomes a vintage print blouse of equal value instead. That was last week. Ok, no matter if I don’t feel like it I must admit, I still go. I love fresh flowers in my home. It is said that they aid creating abundance and joy while bringing especially good energy. Not to mention them being super pretty. Some of you reading this may think they are a waste because they die quickly. I get it. There was a time that I thought the same. I have changed my mind after putting a few tricks of the trade to use. All flowers can’t be resurrected but many of them I find can last a little bit longer if this Tuesday tips is applied. I learned a few tricks working in a flower shop. And from my Grandmother. All flowers don’t come with the little flower food packets.

How do you keep those beauties looking vibrant that extra couple of days? Change the water mid-week or when they start to drop if you can and add some Sprite. Yes, you know the classic green bottle. Part of the Coca-Cola Company family. That one. A couple of capfuls will do.

Not a soda pop drinker? Not to worry. I have a couple of other options for you. Maybe add some leftover champagne for the night before? Or pop that bottle open and give a few sips to your flowers at the first sign of the wilt look then pour yourself a glass while you are at it. Sit back and enjoy the view sipping on your bubbly. Bottom line basically, sugars perks them up. Voilà.

Oh, lastly, because I like to give options, actual white sugar water will work too. Equal parts sugar and warm water. Warm enough to dissolve the sugar. A few tablespoons is all you need. That’s the Tatum’s Tuesday Tips for the week. Champagne, Sprite or sugar water for your flowers.

Stick the flower right beside the bottle or…
these need to be discarded ..
clean water and heres to a few more days..
pop the top on that Sprite .. its the green bottle to the right of the the Diet Coke