All Ingredients

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Use all ingredients.

This tip is an FYI may or may not apply directly to you. Do these ever? If you are a juicing fanatic like me, this is definitely for you. I didn’t start this until recently. Who knows why not, but I didn’t. At least I started.m, right? After using your OMEGA juicer (my juicer) or juicer of choice, use the pulp for the veggie burger, stir-fry, carrot cake or veggie bread. Simply juice and place your pulp mixture (in my case see carrot pulp below) in a ziplock bag or non single use plastic storage container and consume within two to three days.

Compost is an option of course but that beet and carrot pulp are excellent additions the beet greens salad.

Recommended reading: The Third Plate by Dan Barber

Olive oil garlic pink salt black pepper turmeric maple syrup or drizzle of honey at the end.. top with crushed walnuts..
Baked Tofu
Z’tar marinated baked tofu
Juice. 🖤