Morning After

completion of test drink video

The standard expectations for a cocktail is that it be well made and have a balance of flavors. If the cocktail not a classic, innovation and being imaginative definitely bonuses. This one is all that and more. It’s called the ‘Morning After’.

It is an acquired taste however. Some can’t get past the egg yolk and cream. If you are vegan, this is not for you. I am not saying a smoked mushroom infused bourbon wouldn’t fly along side an acquafaba froth and a plant milk but there is a but. This is this. This being a bacon infused bourbon egg yolk some jelly and a toasted brioche bead crumbs heavy cream situation.
I have made this decadent and unassumingly light goes down real easy cocktail a few many times behind my bar. It is a creation by my current F&B Director at Viceroy L’Ermiatge Beverly Hills. Since I don’t know when I will be returning to work to make this drink for you (or any drinks for the one small or large crowd), perhaps you could make it for yourselves until then. Today is “Thirsty Thirsty” after all. Given the components of this cocktail, drinking it for breakfast this weekend wouldn’t be a bad idea either?
No matter if you drink this before dinner (secretly to coat your stomach while waiting for your omelette), after dinner or for breakfast, please do drink responsibly. Cheers to you. Happy Thursday and stay safer at home.

The photos and video are after the last test drink approve by all tasters.

this photo taken with iPhone after the recipe perfected

Morning After

1.5 oz bacon bourbon

1 egg yolk

1 oz cream

1 oz blueberry jam

0.25 oz lemon juice

cinnamon sugar mixture

brioche bread crumbs

Mix cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl or on a saucer and set aside.

Rim your glass of choice (we used a martini glass) with water or lemon juice and then dip the glass in set aside saucer cinnamon sugar mixture. Place in the freezer until ready to use. A chilled glass makes this drink taste even better.

Build ingredients in a mixing glass. Dry shake. Add ice after. Shake some more. A controlled vigorous. If you used KOLD draft ice, shake until you hear something resembling the sound of sand in your shaker. If you aren’t using KOLD draft ice, shake until well blended. Over shaking leads to a watered down diluted cocktail and who wants that.
Remove your cocktail glass from the freezer and strain your liquid into the glass. Garnish with brioche bread crumbs.

Until Newt Time…

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