Pasta Water

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips features pasta this week. The tip? Reserve your pasta water. That’s right. After boiling your pasta to desired cook, strain into your favorite colander with the exception of a tablespoon to a quarter cup of your pasta water. I feel better about a little more. That’s up to you. This also depends on the quantity of pasta you are making. The startch from the water helps your beautiful pasta maintain moisture and hold the sauce. Buon Appetito.

the start of the sauce and this one is gluten free..
this is red lentil pasta.. these require slightly more reserve pasta water so the quarter of a cup size…
truffles and cheese
I made some pasta..

Until Next Time…

I’ll be preparing pasta and taking a picture? Probably. Will I be eating the pasta? You better believe it.

I took a pic of the cheese.. duh!
this one slightly over cooked