My Beyond Meat Burger Toppings

By far one of the best vegan burgers I have ever tasted. Sorry not sorry IMPOSSIBLE burger? Really, these patties exceeded beyond my exceptions. I recommend using a proper knife to cut your toppings though. We don’t want yours to look jagged like some of mine. See my beet slices below. I used a bread knife. It was right there on my utility cart and I didn’t think I was going to take a picture. Not an excuse and certainly I know better and have a knife skill or two. A case of the lazies for meatless Monday it seems. Madoline slicer would have been ideal.

These toppings not the usual traditional burger toppings. This isn’t the usual burger. Celery leaves. Roasted red pepper hummus from the Whole Foods Market 365 brand. Feta Cheese also the Whole Foods Market brand. A large roasted chilled red beet. That’s it. The beets bring out the beet juice flavor in the vegan patty and round out the other flavors with a sweet undertone and earthiness. The celery leaves ad spice and a slight bite. The feta cheese a tang and and the roasted red peppers hummus creamy and fresh red pepper flavors brings it all together. A brioche bun is optional but most definitely recommend. If I can find a turmeric seeded squishy bun that would be an ideal. A wild card, marble rye toasted. On its own just fine too.

the fixings
The cook time is 4 minutes. Each side.
the patty
So juicy
layer one.. add more roasted red pepper than me.. it should oooze over the sides of the burger as you bite or cut..
fell over on the way to the photos shooting area
don’t forget the red pepper spread on top patty
it is vegan

Until Next Time…

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