Lemon Zest

Lemons are right up there with the sunshine in my book. They make me happy. Lemons are versatile and smell oh so good. I read an article once that lemons are even supposed to make you feel better if you smell them. They are beautiful bright and that particular yellow color is magnetic. How can you not love them? I use them topically in my beauty routine and they are an excellent alternative to many of the traditionally used household cleaning products and of course the cooking and the drinking of lemons. Despite knowing this and making my best efforts, I don’t always have them around. Eventually I will have lemon trees. I don’t think my landlord will let me grow then on my roof. I may ask though. For now, I will get them from Whole Foods Market.

When I am meal planning or listing ingredients for a blog post, I take this into consideration. You know that sis ont always have lemons. Things happen. I haven’t been able to eat a lemon without adversity since March for example. Point in case. Life happens and things happen despite all of our planning. While today I have a lemon, tomorrow I may not. Zest your lemons for the « just in case » and freeze that zest. That’s it. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips of this week: zest your lemon and freeze the zest. While it doesn’t last forever in the freezer, it will last for some time. Lets say two to three months. I put mine in a sample size freezer safe plastic container or simply wrap in plastic wrap. Don’t for get to label. Easy peasy. As for the rest of the lemon? We can roll it to release the juices and eat or drink something yummy with it after the testing. If you can. Limoncello anyone?

isn’t it so pretty
smells fresh, bright and refreshing

Until Next Time

I took a screenshot of this from House Beautiful in 2014.. seemed to be appropriate for this..