This Morning’s Smoothie

My morning routine has changed so much in the last few months. Instead of the occasional oil pulling, it now happens daily. This, followed by gargling the salt water, teeth brushing and drinking water. Then I make celery juice using my OMEGA cold press juicer. I sprinkle a little bit of Himalayan pink salt. Mediation follows. A twenty minute Transcendental Meditation. Also known as TM. The twenty minute sit also gives the celery juice time to work its magic. Than comes my most favorite part of the morning. I look forward to my sweet nutrious treat. The smoothie.

I haven’t always been a smoothie person. Or a breakfast person. I like food and sweet for breakfast. Milkshake was my closest thing to smoothie ever. Mostly because I needed help with a hangover. Chocolate on the east coast and vanilla on the west coast. Maybe acai bowls are tied for second closet to my consuming smoothies. Since you were asking.

During these months on quarantine, in the beginning anyway, I needed to smoothie. I needed nutrients and calories and this an easy way to get them. At first the recipes simple. I have started adding more ingredients. I used to prep exactly what I needed for the morning in advance. A baggie with all ingredients place in the freezer and pull out as needed. Not so much the lately. Now, I have so much fun with it and can’t wait to see what I am craving and what sounds good each morning. Some days I get really creative. I love it. I feel full satisfied and proud that I am doing good for my body. Much better than my having several cups of black coffee on an empty stomach and confusing a LARA Bar and then washing that LARA Bar down with a golden turmeric milk. I loved it at the time. While I do miss coffee, this feels much better.

most delicious refreshing cold treat for summer mornings

This one is called, This Morning’s Smoothie

serving it in a pretty glass makes the smoothie taste even better

Until Next Time...

glasses for the picture taking and photo shooting
See’s Candies. Until we meet again.