Rust Be Gone

My Le Creuset kettle has a bit of rust. I thought it be fun to test out the Coca-Cola cure all method. I soak the tiny hard to reach spot, lightly scrub and wipe clean as best I can with a homemade brush. A reusable straw cleaner or a pipe cleaner most recommend. What’s the Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Did you guess it? Use that Coca-Cola to remove rust. This particular spot being located in a not so easy area on my kettle makes this task slightly challenging. Some residual and unable to reach rust stills remains after my soak and scrub. I’ll wait for appropriate brush for the remainder of the cleaning. I am really impressed that this iconic classic beverage was able to remove the rust.

Oh and why is Coca-Cola able to remove rust? In short, the acids and the carbonation react with the rusty metal allowing the rust removal.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: To rid your kettles (or something else) of rust, use Coca-Cola. Have another Coca-Cola near by for sipping, if that’s your thing. Or for the photo shooting is a great reason to pop a top or crack open a can. The opportunity to take picture of an icon should not be missed.

at first I think to use Q-Tips
then I decide to use a skewer and a scouring pad with pink tape
look at my brilliance, sort of.. I didn’t leave enough of the scouring pad the first tape around and I had to make another one
almost entirely clean
Maybe next time I will make a video so you can hear a whistle

Until Next Time...

Enjoy some outtakes from my photos of the weekend..

Heads or Coca-Cola?