The Float Test

I have eggs. Some look frozen? One carton is dated May 25, 2020. The other is a sell by July 25, 2020. And then I have a random egg with no carton which I think came from a carton from sell by June 11, 2020. I am not sure. Last week with the whole ten out of twelve that dozen eggs having two yolks threw me for a loop. Anyway, back to the point. How do you know if those eggs are good? There are several ways to tell according to My method of testing in my kitchen today, the float test.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Perform the float test. Place your eggs in a bowl or a clear jar full of water. If the eggs sink they are fresh and should be safe to eat. If they float, they are not fresh and therefore not safe to eat. Again, if they sink, you are safe to scramble away. If they float, crush and dispose of them immediately. It has worked for me. If you have questions, please consult an official expert.