From the Weekend. For your Inspiration. Made A Rice Lavender Filled Eye Pillow…

I wanted to bake a cake. A cake with eggs and butter and chocolate buttercream and, but I don’t.

I came home from acupuncture with a heating pad. The kind of heating pad you put in the microwave. The sewn sectioned cloth flaxseed rice filled kind. I don’t have a microwave. My curious mind wants to know how this one is made. I was going to make another one after a google search and reviewing a step by step video. I don’t have enough rice to fill one if I make it and I already have one, now. Then, the lightbulb goes off and I think, eye pillows. I lost mine at a Kundalini class or sound bath or yoga studio somewhere in Los Angele. I settle on making an eye pillow today. They are so good for relaxing the eyes and the smell of lavender divine. I like to store mine in the freezer often. The safety pin and zipper hardware I have added, not so great for the microwave. Consider this if you do take on this DIY eye pillow.

The eye pillow is easy to make. Basically two squares of cloth stitched and filled with rice and lavender. I have a sewing machine so I opt to sew mine. If you don’t sew, you can use hem tape. Sewing is so fun. My Father gave me his upholstery sewing machine. That makes my sewing projects more fun.

Simply cut two squares of fabric. Folding over the fabric and cutting one is most helpful as this insures symmetry. You can trace the second if you like. Sew inside out (if your fabric has a pattern) and leave a space to fill your eye pillow. Cut the corners to remove bulk before turning the fabric to the right side. Leave the hole big enough to feed the fabric though. This also helps with the filling of the rice and lavender. Funnel recommended.

I don’t expect you to make one. Although you might. Thought it fun to post another DIY. Here are my photos of my masterpiece and the how to video should you need a microwave heating pad to match your eye pillow.

I personalize mine with an iron on Stella Neptune heart patch and vintage pin from Love Charles Vintage. I like the deconstructed look thé black zipper gives it. That came from JoAnn’s Fabric. It’s been hanging out in my sewing kit for a while.

***all photos I took with my iPhone quick.

Inspiration from he related video below.

DIY Reusable Rice Heating Pads

This I brought home from acupuncture

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