Frozen Hot Carob Milk

Remember those sweet campfire squares I made week before last? Serving them along side hot chocolate, I mean hot carob milk, for that summer night patio treat or the next time you happen to be at Lake Tahoe (or Carmel), a must. Enjoying from one’s kitchen different, equally enjoyable. While hot beverages are often more associated with more of that « hygee » feeling, let’s throw in another additive. « Frozen » hot carob milk. Yes. Frozen. Granita style. Carob instead of chocolate. I know. I hear some of you that pretend not to read these posts but do, asking me in your head, « why on earth wouldn’t I use chocolate? » And maybe a few comments or feelings resembling « frozen » isn’t hygee.

Look, you could use cocoa powder or the instant Nestle hot chocolate mix, if you must. Black onyx cocoa would be my strong recommendation if you go the cocoa route. Let’s give attention to this one. We’re here. This is a goodie. It’s my take on a frozen hot chocolate minus the chocolate. Not the flavor. Decadent for sure. Hot or cold. And in my opinion, there is still much hygee with the frozen version.

Before I continue, some of you may have questions. What is carob? The short answer. Carob is a Mediterranean Middle Eastern legume. If you can’t or prefer not to consume chocolate, this is your answer.

The inspiration for this post came from a day of scrolling. I saw a photo of someone at Serendipity3 on Instagram with that famous glass bowl full of chocolate frozen goodness. It reminded me of the days I would frequent the Upper East Side of Manhattan’s Serendipity 3 while living in New York City. I loved it. I thought I’d mix it up a bit and create my own recipe using carob powder and soy milk instead of cocoa powder and my usual heavy cream. Chocolate (or heavy cream) and I aren’t friends at the moment. This is the next best thing.

Soy Milk. I like Pacifico.
Soy carob milk almost has a syrup texture. This is why adding the addition milk helps
Not a saucepan but it works for today. Saucepan idéal but. It necessary.
Use a bench scraper or a silicone spatula to get all the goodness from the pot
chocolate who?

1 1/2 cups of unsweetened Pacific soy milk (one for the carob milk and the half for the blender)

1 Cup of Turbinado Sugar (a caramel flavored sugar as it retains some molasses)

1/8 teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt

1/4 Cup and 2 Tablespoons of Carob Powder (I use Bob’s Red Mill)

Dash of Cinnamon

Ice Cubes

Half salted carob rim (optional)

Garnish: campfire square (recipe here)

Instructions and explanations

In a sauce pan bring one cup of soy milk and a cup of Turninado sugar to a boil to melt the sugar. Once boiling add 1/4 cup of carob powder and whisk until it is dissolved. Turn heat to a simmer. Add cinnamon and pink salt. Whisk slightly to blend. Turn heat off and let the seasoned carob mixture cool. Once cooled transfer to a PYREX (or your desired container). Cover and refrigerate after a room temperature is met. You don’t want to disturb your already chilled refrigerated items. Once chilled add remainder of soy milk, a two tablespoons of carob and ice to a blender. Blend. The happy accident came here. The consistency wasn’t quite right and I was out of ice. You could add more ice and stop here. I don’t. Into the freezer my picture goes. I transferred into a freezer safe plastic container with a lid. You could leave it in the blender and once more frozen blend but I didn’t. I change my thinking. I left mine over night. You don’t have too. You could check yours after a couple of hours and once slightly frozen, scrape with a fork. I only had to do this once even after over night. If the consistency is too soft or running repeat a couple of time. If it is too frozen let your carob milk sit on the counter and then proceed with the fork. There may be a slight separation of ingredients after freezing. Don’t worry. The forking will blend the separation. Once you have a shaved ice textured quality, put your frozen hot carob milk into a glass. Don’t forget a spoon. I use a dimitasse spoon.

Take a picture. Drinking and spooning wherever you happen to be. I happen to be in my kitchen. Eat a campfire square. Happy Summer vibes.

Even in this light it looks yummy, doesn’t it? You could add some booze to it.. the alcohol will melt it slightly. Orange or espresso flavor maybe? I keep it clean, doesn’t mean you have to do so.
Cheers to serendipity

Until Next Time..

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