Banana Ice Cream with Peaches and Truffle Balls on Top

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The easiest ice cream to make. It is one ingredient. Bananas. Add carob powder if you need two ingredients. A bit of your favorite nut butter should you need three. This day I stick to bananas only as the base ice cream and save my add-ons for the toppings. Summer in a bowl.

Banana Ice Cream


6 frozen banana pieces

cup of peaches for the toppings

2 carob coconut walnut truffles for the toppings

1 tablespoon carob powder (optional)

1 tablespoon of your favorite nut butter


Peel and chop ripe bananas. Place prepared bananas pieces into a zip locked freezer bag. Freeze over night, if you can, otherwise wait a few hours. Check periodically. Once pieces are frozen solid, transfer them to a food processor or blender. I use the blender. Blend until the banana starts to look gooey and eventually smooth. Once smooth, transfer to an airtight container to refreeze. Once harder to an ice cream consistency, scoop using your ice cream scoop.

Sprinkle coconut flakes, carob chips, fruits, or nuts for your toppings. Whatever your like. I recommend serving in this cool bowl made from coconuts. I purchased mine from

Clean ready to go coconut bowl

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