Candle Wax It

Do you have a drawer that is just plain sticky and hard to pull open? You cold use a store bought wax or a furniture polish. Why not DIY it using a candle? Yes a candle. You could probably use a crayon now that I think about it but I don’t have any crayons for this project. If you do send those crayons to Crayon Collection and follow this tip with the candle.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: You for it by now. use the wax from the candle will lubricate your drawer. That DIY shabby chic project will be good in no time. Roll a candle on the stubborn drawer parts to lubricate and your drawer will slide smoothly open.

candle for the rolling.. the softer the candle was the better..
sticky drawer
roll candle back and forth to lubricate the drawer..sometimes you have to take the drawer out of its holding
that’t it..