Lavender Simple Syrup for Tea and Cakes

Change up your sweet tea by adding this lavender simple syrup. It offers a sweet floral fragrant taste without being over powering. Garnish with a lavender sprig. And while you sip on that sweet tea, and make an effort not to get the lavender sprig in your nose while drinking, you can saturate your cooling cakes with the left over syrup. Your cakes be extra moist. And a little more lovely. No one can say you are making a “basic” cake. I don’t think cake can be basic. Its cake. If you are one of the ones calling vanilla, chocolate, carrot, coconut cakes basic, this is defiantly a way to go for the necessary (little) extra pizzaz.

I usually make simple syrup at my bar. These last several weeks the simple has been made in my kitchen. Mostly for cakes and not tea. Your Earl Grey will not be upset by the addition though. Hey, you can even make an Early Grey tea cake and douse it with the lavender. How about that. And, You’re welcome. Here is to Summer’s ice tea and extra moist lovely cakes.


1 cup of sugar (I use the Whole Foods brand 365 cane sugar)

1 cup of water

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of lavender (at your disgression. Let’s say to taste. If you like more floral use a little more)


In a sauce pan bring your 1:1 sugar water mixture to a boil. Let it boil 5 minutes. Reduce the heat for 3 minutes and stir to make sure all sugar is dissolved.

Once sugar and water are completely combined, turn off the burner and add your lavender. Set a timer for thirty minutes so the lavender can steep.

After the 30 minutes are up, use a mesh strainer or cheese cloth and strain into a glass or bowl. Use what you need and then bottle the rest of the refrigerator and future use.

Until Next Time…

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