Confections and Cocktails. Aquafaba.

What is aquafaba ? It is chickpea water. Yes, the liquid that comes from inside the can or container where your chickpeas have been swimming since their cooking. This is an excellent alternative to egg whites. If can be used for frostings, meringues, and marshmallows. What about my whiskey sour cocktail you ask? Yup. Works like a charm. Those wanting egg white texture but no eggs this is also your answer.

I know you guessed it. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Use aquafaba to replace those egg whites in your confections and cocktails requesting eggs. Two tablespoons of aquafaba is the equivalent of one egg white. In case you were wondering. As for no salt or salt? That’s up for debate. Reminds of the no salt salted butter conversions.

These. I like no salt.