Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Chapstick

For your next night out, or next night in these days, a hairdressing hot tool and hairspray in the handbag (or pockets) to manage pesky fly alway baby hairs is often, welp, unmanageable. And bulky and a bit heavy. Or you have an event (sometime in the distant future) or a photoshoot and would like the hair to look smooth. What to do when those pesky baby hairs will not stay in place? Help them out with this old school cool. Chapstick. If it’s from a vintage Celebrity X Cruise tube, even cooler.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips?

You guessed it. Use chapstick, with the help of the hand heat and oils, to tame those flyaway baby hairs. Rub the balm from the container stick on your fingers and hands. Run your hands and fingers together for a few second for activation. Then, smooth the desired pesky baby hairs in the direction you would like them to go. Usually this is with the grain. Less cumbersome in the handbag and pockets. Hope you happen to have Chapstick.