Celery Juice

There are many myths and benefits of celery juice in a GOOGLE search. Lots of questions neatly filed in a column with a arrow indication of a tab under the main search. Your question(s) most likely there. Mine were.

This is my first time juicing celery solo. No additives. No lemon. No pink salt. Straight up celery juice. I drink it at the appropriate time for me. In the morning (thank you internet?). I wait 45 minutes before eating. I must admit the psychology of starting the day with something green (don’t be jealous warm water with lemon) immediately makes me and my gut feel better. I can’t say the benefits happen in an instant. The green power of influence is under current. The initial, slightly bitter fresh cool tongue wakes me up. That I will not argue.

A recipe is this? It is celery, a whole bunch of celery. I would say 10-13 stalks. That, the whole bunch, will make two days worth juice. For me. Leaves and stalks, juiced with the Omega juicer. The juice last at least 48 hours in the refrigerator. Covered in an air tight container. A slight separation will occur after it sits over night or until later. I recommend consuming immediately. Add fine pink salt or sea salt of sorts with a half a lemon wedge, if you like.

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photo taken by me a few years ago in paris

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