Kaleidoscope Smoothie?

After calling Kreation juice and asking for a plain celery juice with no lemon and a plain spinach with kale juice, also no lemon, I am placed on hold. I hang up.

I have a cold pressed juicer. The Omega is great for me, I just don’t have the ingreiendts at the moment. I haven’t ever been the girl with I can’t eat this or that either. I have a few preferences, but that is a different story. For how long will I be with a special request lady? I don’t know.

These days if I have a sip of lemon or anything even in a lesser acid category, I will be to the moon and and back and have a burping fit, gas, and such for the better part of several hours. I have had this go on for almost six weeks now. Since medication for peptic ulcer and GERD in the last three weeks, my gut is (touch wood) starting to heal. After a few dizzy spells over the last several nights and some more of the heart palpitations, it is called toy attention the lack of greens and vitamins that have not been in my diet in almost two months. Given that we are supposed to stay home, I do the best I can to get my vitamins and make things work for my current situation. As we all are doing. Thank goodness for delivery and my ingenuity. To the point. Here comes the smoothie. I think it is proably one of the best things I have ever made.

Thank you for not being able to commit to my request Kreation Juice. Trust me, I get it. I don’t mind today. I created something delicious.

The Kaleidoscope Smoothie

1/2 cup steamed spinach from last night

1/2 cup of frozen mangos from the freezer

1/2 cup of coconut water that had been frozen

I pour some Unsweetened soy milk for fluidity and texture

5 tablespoons of water for a slight dilution

1/8 size piece of a coconut pie LARA bar. The bar contains cashews, almonds, coconut oil, coconut and dates. I go for it. I haven’t had a LARA bar in weeks. Weeks. I love them. This one is risky though. I do it anyway. Literally a bite size piece. I don’t have any almond butter. I could put tofu but this makes the most sense.

2-3 tablespoons of maple syrup

a few dashes of pink himalyan salt

I blend on the SMOOTHIE setting for Cuisinart. I sample a tablespoon of my smoothie. Wow. I must say I am impressed with myself. Into the Cuisinart To Go container it goes. Now, off to do chores and wash and blow-dry my hair. That is its own category.

I only make a little as I am not sure what to expect.
pretty green color

Until Next Time…