always, a good idea. my margarita recipe.


2 oz of tequila (your choice. if you like more complexity use reposedo or anjeo

1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice (yes, from the actual lime)

1 oz agave nectar (if you can only find syrup, dilute it a bit) . if you like it less sweet add 1/2 oz or skinny, a dash.

*optional and super fancy, pour some Grand Marnier on top of your finished cocktail

kosher sea salt


take a cocktail glass and use a piece of those limes you just cut for the juices and along the rim of the glass. dip the top of the lime wet cocktail glass in the salt. coat evenly moving glass in a circular motion. shake excess salt. a pinch over your shoulder for good luck. add ice. set aside.

in a cocktail tin you will be adding agave, lime juice and then tequila. measure out each using the jigger. start with the agave, then lime and then tequila. each rinses out the contents of the previous ingredient. add kold draft ice, if you have. shake until the ice starts to sound like sand in the shaking tins. fine strain using a mesh strainer in addition to your regular strainer, into the salt rimmed glass. garnish with lime circles. sometimes, i like a paper straw.

pro tip: the longer you shake the cocktail the more bitter it becomes because of the lime juice.

Until Next Time…