Tatum’s Tuesday Tips, On Wednesday.

I forgot last Tuesday was Tuesday. Before quarantine, all my days blurred together because of my schedule. Since quarantine, it hasn’t gotten any better. And, truth be told, I thought about this tip because I wasn’t feeling well. I am not feeling well. I am currently taking prescription medicine and resting.  It took two outpatient hospital visits and my Doctor in South Carolina to figure it out. It’s a gut, PUD/GERD problem. I drink way too much coffee. When I say too much, I mean about 10 cups day. That and my running another Los Angeles marathon this year with an oh I can do all of this stuff because I am invincible attitude could also have much to do with it. I now respect the coffee and don’t drink it. It was complicated. We had a very loving unhealthy relationship. All that got me into a conversation with someone about health in general, spas, sleep aids, and pink salt. Here it is. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips, on Wednesday.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Chasing turmeric with ten cups of coffee is not self-care. That one is mostly for me. As for the salt block, which is why I wanted to write this in the first place, and until we can make our way to heated salt block rooms, enjoy this this beauty in your kitchen. You can grill meats or portobellos. You can chill it and serve your sushis and desserts. The flavors it imparts are like no other. I don’t know about you, but I will most definitely take a few extra doses of calcium, iron and other minerals with my salt. Get this, no washing the LeCreusts either. Simply rinse and let your block air dry. Please don’t use soap. Oh and remember to heat slowly. Extreme heating will cause cracking and no more salt block. There is a bit of an oooohhhh and ahhhhh factor that helps get the conversations going. Himalayan salt blocks really presents well and will most definitely impress your guests. Who doesn’t want to be the coolest host or hostess? For now, those guests inside your homes (or just you). And hopefully, those outside our homes will be able to join us again soon.

Happy Tuenesday.

Here is a link to my Amazon Store in case you would like to buy one. Stay safe. Stay home. God speed.

All photos I took with my iPhone.