Use A Spoon

It is my best guess that we are all becoming very acquainted with ginger and other herbs and spices offering anti-inflammatory benefits these days. Save yourselves a bit of aggravation with my tip. Perhaps, have more ginger to prep in the end after removing that thin outer. I often even lose a few knobs when I don’t follow my own advice. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Remove the ginger peel before chewing, steeping, or chopping with the spoon. Don’t peel the ginger with the peeler. Don’t attempt peel the ginger with a knife. Use a spoon. Scrape the skin off the ginger away from you using the side of the spoon. I like the demitasse. Hopefully it all lands in whatever receptacle you choose for the discarding. Wash away any bits of skin clinging to the ginger root after. Ginger should be ready to go and do what it does best. Yep, that’s it.

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