only simmer that egg?

I had a tip piggybacking on a post from couple of weeks ago for this Tuesday but today I learned how to properly boil and egg which in fact there is no actual boiling? This whole time I have been boiling chicken eggs all wrong? Any egg for that matter, seemingly.

Today was egg day in my culinary classroom. I’ll get to that tomorrow. For now, Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: Simmer eggs for instead of boiling. Simmer water. Add eggs and then simmer again. The second simmering is when you will need to start your timer for the desired style of cook. You know, hard boiled, soft boiled, medium boiled etc. And just so you know, here is a photo straight from the textbook. I couldn’t believe it. I had to read it a couple of times. Oh and the harder the boiled the egg is, the easier it is to peel. That’s an extra tip.

Until Next Time…