Concasse. Practicing Knife Skills.

Concasse is a French word meaning to “crush or grind”.
The preparation to get there looks something like this..
Roma Tomatoes. Cut out the top of the tomatoes where it grows from the stem. Turn the tomatoes over and X marks the spot. The first time I was so into taking my photos, I forgot. And put the X on the wrong side.. ok, so,..
Cut an X (bottom of the Roma) Clutch tomato with tongs.
Flash boil until the skin starts to peel away from the tomato.. You must watch and not leave in water too long..
Chill tomato in the cool water
Remove as soon as the skin separation becomes very noticeable..
Peel. Using a pairing knife helps.
Cut into quarter sections with a pairing knife
Remove center and seeds by scraping the bottom the interior tomato. Place seeds and tomato guts in a delegate bowl.
Julienne the remaining tomato meat..
Then, dice. Make salsa or tomatoes sauces or chutney or whatever you like with these tomatoes..

Don’t forget to take pictures.

Until Next Time…

I will practice my cutting skills…