Tame That Flame

Tonight I learned an old catering trick from Chef Eric at the Culinary Classroom. I am enrolled in a Master Chef Program and this is my second week. Tonight we made stocks. I will post about that later. For now, you must know when making stocks, boiling is no beauno. The stock will taste bitter. Clarification, the meat stocks can become bitter when boiled, not veggie stocks. Stocks must simmer. Sometimes the flame doesn’t want to cooperate and needs assistance. Taming the flame is necessary. There is an nifty invention, available for purchase via Amazon. (clicking this link and buying a flame tamer is money in my pocket) If you don’t have one, or think you will ever really use it more than once, or discover you are in need of immediate help, provided you know you even need to tame the flame in the first place, this is your answer. Again, I didn’t know until tonight mind you. Aluminum foil to the rescue. Extra bonus, you can reuse your homemade foil flame tamer.

Tatum’s Tuesday Tips: shape several pieces of aluminum foil together forming a donut and place your beautiful shiny foil donut between your pot filled with stock.

disclaimer: a too hot high burning flame will cause the foil to melt. (that doesn’t help you or the stock)