Ketchup or Toothpaste? How About Both.

I like most of my silver unpolished. The more patina the better in fact. But, before I continue, an apology must given to my Father. As he reads this, I imagine him shaking his head. Not because of the tip but my liking the unpolished silver. So, Dad, sorry that I can’t seem to get behind likeing most of my solver polished. For those of you are like him, that happen like your silver to look like silver should look and want to have a little fun with the polishing, may I suggest using Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup and toothpaste to get the job done. Now, I must let you know, the more patina the stronger polishing agent you will need. The base of my stemware looked fantastic after the ketchup polish. The actual body needed something a little more powerful. At least the toothpaste seems more powerful. Once applied and the rubbing starts, I can almost see my reflection through the paste. The ketchup, while effective, requires a little more time to set up and a some elbow grease.

The ketchup and toothpaste, used separately, can be applied to a cotton cloth and then the tarnished areas or by using your ungloved or gloved hands and fingers. Skipping the cloth application is more fun. Think, finger paint style. Wipe either product off with a clean cotton cloth. Rinse under water and then dry. I use the flour sacks. You can buy those from my Amazon Store.

So, while you can use your ketchup on the french fries and the toothpaste for the teeth, Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Have a little fun with your housework and polish that silver with the Heinz 57 and Marvis Classic Mint or Licorice flavored toothpaste.

the ketchup test

I start with the ketchup
testing the base first
then testing a bit of ketchup on the body and realize this patina needs stronger..
the before
a little brighter..
bottom of the base looks good..
ketchup not quite as strong instantly

the toothpaste test

now the toothpaste
adding a little more for a stronger comparisson
ketchup on the right and toothpaste on the left..

Until Next Time…

I will take a bunch of pictures, polish the rest of this silver and wash my hands.

I will need lots of toothpaste and ketchup for this one
this is just ketchup.. wear gloves if you like..