Sensor Hand Wave

Does this one need a boomerang? And part of me thinks it needs no mention as it must be common knowledge. This week I learn that it isn’t. Not only is this Tuesday tip not as common as I thought, I also learn that a very near and dear lady doesn’t use an ATM at the bank. She doesn’t know how as she never needed to use one. While this tip isn’t about an ATM, it seems to be the same category.

I wave my hand back and forth in front of the little box above the door frame. A very tired sensor responds with a green light. At the same time, an almost clicking sound indicates the door is available to open. The lady behind me says, “oh that’s a neat tip.” There goes the lightbulb in my head. She doesn’t know that waving the hand to activate the sensor is a thing. So, unless the door is locked or broken, wave your hand above the sliding doors of the supermarkets, or in this case the gym locker room, to wake up tired sensors located in the little box. The doors will open. Yep, so Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Activate the above the door box sensor by waving your hand.