Color Spot No More

This post inspired by hairspray given to me on Grammy night from a gift bag. Thank you.
…Once upon a time I belonged to a culture known as “salon culture”. Hair coloring and balayage, my speciality. I am a California Cosmetology license holder and I have been educated and worked for the best. Pinky swear. While I am no longer in salon or doing hair, other than my own, I often find myself, consulting. These days, from across the bar or to colleagues not wanting to pay salon prices. I offer up information at no charge. Use this. Your color matches drug store box color x. Gloss first on dry hair and then wet but only if xyz. Oil your highlighted ends. Over direct your hair this way for a more natural highlight or a better line for those bangs. Use this to remove chlorine from swimming. Fill your highlights with this for this color. Add this to avoid grey flat tints and so on. Consulting over a margarita I like to call it. The margarita usually made by me. So, for those of you coloring your hair at home, this tip is for you. Most especially if you happen get a bit messy or forget you are wearing hair color and by accident a little bit of the color gets on the garment you are wearing despite towels and superhero no color is getting on me in this cape. How to remove that hair color spot on that garment? Your answer? Hairspray. Yes, hairspray will remove the color spot. So, conclusion? Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? To remove haircolor from your garment, dab with a paper towel, add hairspray, let it sit and then wash accordingly to garment instructions. Sorry TIDE stick.

Meanwhile, you test this out (although I hope you don’t have to), I will be working on how to capture the mist of the hairspray spraying from the container. Not before I delint my black yoga clothes from that sheep skin meditation. Why do I insist on wearing black?