Magic Ingredient

You know that ingredient that is the great toothpaste substitute, the occasional dry shampoo and makes those cakes and baked good fabulous? C’mon, you don’t know the one. The most notable of the packaging the orange box with the muscle arm. Yep, that one. Baking soda. The magic ingredient. The packaging doesn’t matter really as long as it is baking soda but I am always a sucker for the greatpackagong. Mine happens to be in a canister today. Oh yeah, so that other reason to love it? It is a stain remover. Those black beans add an oh so nice purple black tie-dyed swirl to the bottom interior of those white pots yeah? I have one white pot of this reason. Not to worry. Baking soda is your answer. Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? Use equal parts baking soda and hot water to make a paste and let you pot soak to remove stains from pots. Scrub gently and wash. Your pot should be as good as new.