Clear That Nose Palate.

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” -Coco Chanel

**Lots of pictures below taken with my iPhone. Next time an in action spraying video or something..

I love perfume. Smelling too much can sometimes give me a headache despite. They say coffee beans help clear the nose palate in between excessive smelling and testing of parfumés. At Sephora there are coffee beans. Spritz fragrance, smell fragrance, smell coffee beans. And again. Spritz another fragrance, smell fragrance, smell coffee beans, smell fragrance, smell coffee beans and so on. Why the coffee beans? None of us know. None of us being the sales clerks and myself. I was there a while so I a few people helped me out. So, after hanging out at Sephora and leaving with some samples, and smelling like a parfume emporium, I consult the trusted and ever popular GOOGLE. Seems it is a myth and there is no real science to smelling coffee beans to clear the nose palate. How could this be? (See related article below) If there is no real science behind the coffee beans smelling and if not, what does work? I can’t believe it. Coffee beans, not so much. Skin? Smell my own skin? Yes, this is the answer. A non-spritzed area of course. So, back to Sephora I go to test this coffee beans vs. skin smelling. I try smelling the coffee beans and my skin. Both work as far as I am concerned. Coffee beans could be the power of suggestion? I do love the smell of coffee beans so I don’t mind. But for the sake this Tuesday, and for this Tatum’s Tuesday Tips? To clear your nose palate smell your skin, you know, because science says so and if there aren’t any coffee beans around. Seems there is science behind this one. Now I want to know, could this skin smelling work when at wine tasting?



Using Coffee Beans To Reset your Sense Of Smell?

Until Next Time…

I’ll drink some coffee.