Tablescapes and Magazine Trees

Do I get a Christmas tree or don’t I get a Christmas tree? I debate this with each fold. Several years ago after watching the ABC show, The Chew, I sort through piles of magazines and begin to fold. I pull out the wooden wine box filled with spray paints, feathers, flocking and sequins and a glue gun and other cafty things that could make these little trees bedazzled. They look great and I almost keep all of them after Christmas. You know, toss them in the box with the other Christmas decorations. After a Kondo decluttering, I discard almost all of the original trees from that time. I keep two non decorated. This holiday season I start again. I hope you are inspired to be creative and have fun! Maybe listen to the band Neon Trees while you fold?

Happy holidays! Now time for me to go to &Sons and get some edible chocolate trees and finish my wreaths. Oh and I have included a YouTube video of someone using books in this post. In case. I mean, I wasn’t going to do a post on this until the tablescape complete.. whatever.. this art studio is a mess.. I am making things for Santa.. and wreaths and installing a fridge and.. uhm..I am supposed to be training for another marathon? Uh-huh ..the chaos of life coupled with the holidays.. I give you this for now..

Take a look …

folding video instruction from a YouTube video using books here. I use magazines.

folding books into trees video here!

more trees..

Until Next Time…