“The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”

As a child I stand in my kitchen after swimming or gymnastics class and eat. The counter next to the refrigerator. Mostly at my grandparents house and usually still wearing a swimming suit or leotard. Sometimes I would make my own bread. Sometimes right our of the loaf bag from the supermarket. I stack a few slices. I tear the first into pieces, pat with butter and roll them into little balls. Sometimes I consume so fast I get the hiccups.

Several years ago, after asking myself “what would I do if”, I find myself in a 10 week Master Baking Program in Los Angeles. The first assignment? Easy White Bread. Lucky me. You probably can guess what I did later that night after class. Anyway, here is the recipe. There is a reason we phrase “the best thing since sliced bread”.

**Fun fact: that saying came about in 1921 when Wonder Bread was first sold.

** All photos taken with an iPhone by me

Easy White Bread