What do you do with vodka besides drink it and polish the occasional glass? Repeat after me. Add to your pie dough. Now, this didn’t come from my brain although I wish I had thought of it. Don’t we all say that after someone comes up with something great. This genius comes from the experts of Bon Appetit and their test kitchen (for this post). It is pie season after all. Not that I (or perhaps you) need a season to eat pie. I’ll take a pie any time especially a couple days old slightly chilled fruit pie. Cherry anyone? Anyhow, I didn’t know this trick of the baking trade and I bake. So as a Tatum’s Tuesday Tips I bring to you, vodka in the pie dough for an extra special super tender crust featured from the experts at Bon Appetit. Vodka hydrates unlike water here, surprisingly. Isn’t vodka water in Russia? Now. The only other two questions are what type of vodka to use (they use Tito’s) and what type of pie filling for that crust? Go! Thank you and Merci beaucpoup. Video below. Link under the photo with the keyboard.

The Experts! Claire and Brad Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Pie

Watch this video on The Scene.

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